Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My 2nd book "GMO Substitutions:Be GMO-FREE"

My 2 book is also available from Amazon. It's called "GMO Substitutions:Be GMO-FREE"

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"SECRET GMO's Almost Killed Me"

A new book just went on sale yesterday at Amazon called "SECRET GMO's Almost Killed Me" and here's the link

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Hunger Games movie?

Enjoy the Hunger Games? We are playing the NUTRITION GAMES here in America! Try not to end up in a hospital, where you'll be force fed more toxins That's right, rather than heading to the movie theatre to sit back with your popcorn, candy and a soda or just head to the local grocery store and start haphazardly grabbing items off the shelves, then go home, eat your food, watch the news, and "hope" it all gets better. The Nutrition Games are played out every day in America, where every grocery store, restaurant, drug store, and hospital are like a maze, where humans are left to fend for themselves and figure out what kills them and what heals them. The Nutrition Games are underway, and you might consider them the Disease Games Welcome to the jungle (United States of America), where 750,000 people die of cancer every year. It's time to put up your guard! The Nutrition Games have already begun. Learn more:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Choose the Good

I saw an Oprah television episode where Oprah had a man on her show that wrote a book called "Does this Clutter make my butt look fat?" and on that show the phrase "Choose the Good" was repeated many times. I liked that.

I have heard so much about the book Nourishing Traditions and plan to read it someday. The premise is that meat is ok & has been used for centuries in various healthy ways.

But today's meat is not the same, as centuries ago. Pasture raised, or meats in the wild or grass fed to slaughter meats are the only meats I want to eat. I don't want GMO fed animals. If animals are grain fed that usually means they are fed GMO corn, GMO soy, GMO flax, or other GMO food. If animals are organic then at least when they are fed organic corn, organic soy, organic flax etc. & organic is not GMO (genetically modified). This goes for all dairy products too since dairy comes from animals. I want the dairy to be organic or grass fed butters.

Another aspect to incorporating meats and dairy into my diet is to use them sparingly like a seasoning and not at every meal.

So, I have learned how to be vegan, I have learned how to be raw, and after being 100% raw for awhile and 100% cooked vegan for awhile I am now much more prepared to incorporate animal products back into my diet as long as I use them sparingly and choose the good animal products like grass fed or pasture raised or organic.Choose the good!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meat products as food.

The previous article is another reason to not eat meat or meat products.

I love meat & meat products, oohhww especially cheeses, but the more I learn, the more I want to stay away from it, even though I love the tastes. I'm sure that if I wasn't raised on meats, then I probably wouldn't like meats that much.

I'm afraid to eat bugs because I might love to eat them too, however they may be a better alternative someday then other meats and mainly free if you can catch them in your neighborhood.

Meat & it's products are acidic. An acidic body can grow more disease than an alkaline body, so it's important to keep your body on the alkaline side.

Some even say that cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body. I bought some ph testing strips to test myself & see how acidic or alkaline my body is. An easy way to remember a good alkaline number is 7 days a week (7.365) and 365 days a year. So when testing, the number should be around 7.36.

There have been studies showing that vegetarians (who don't eat processed foods) are more healthier than carnivores, and raw food has more healing effects than vegetarian. (studies are mentioned in a book called "Becoming Raw".

I also understand the people who don't want to "take a life"(of an animal) in order to eat a meal if they don't have to, & I just look into a cute animals eyes, pet them and I find myself wanting to take an animal home to be my pet rather than take a bite out of it.

There are lots of Ecoli & food recalls that involve meat. The factory farming methods are not good either.

So, even though I am a carnivore I find myself having more of a conscious awareness about meat products & I am wanting to shy away from them more & more.

I just finished reading the book called "The China Study" & it really hit me & made me even more willing to become vegan. I never in my life thought I'd even seriously think about being vegan because I love the tastes of meat products, creams, cheeses, all different meats like ham, chicken, fish, etc. but this new knowledge that I am coming across & the studies that have been done that I'm reading about are seriously reasons to be vegan.

The health crisis is OUT OF CONTROL in the United States & other countries are not far behind. There is a push for telling people that food doesn't make that much of a difference. Well, if you read the books that I do & see the documentary movies that I see & talk to people who have cured themselves with changing their foods to raw or vegan & NOTHING PROCESSED then you too will know that food does change peoples lives DRAMATICALLY.

It sounds way too simple but really it's way too hard for most people to change their eating habits, shop at different places, & finding extra time to do all this, go back to cooking from scratch & doing all the extra dishes that come along with that. Food is a lifestyle & changing your diet is a lifestyle change. But if you don't do it then your life will change by the medicine's, surgeries, & ailments that will come upon you. This isn't a threat or a prediction this is statistically what is happening in this country & I just talk to people in my neighborhood.

I can't wait to see the new movie called "Forks over Knives". (about changing your diet using a fork or your life will change with the surgery of a knife cutting you open when you get heart disease.)

Steak Made from Human Excrement: Is It Safe? – Sat Jun 18, 10:10 am ET

The mere idea is stomach-churning: creating food from human feces.

But researchers in Japan say they have done just that. They have synthesized meat from proteins found in human waste, according to news reports.

While the concept of chowing down on steak derived from poop may not exactly be appetizing, we wondered: is this meat safe?

In theory, yes, experts say. But the meat must be cooked, which will kill any noxious pathogens before you eat it.

"In the food safety world we say, 'don't eat poop,'" said Douglas Powell, a professor of food safety at Kansas State University. "But if you're going to, make sure it's cooked."

The Japanese researchers isolated proteins from bacteria in sewage. The poop-meat concoction is prepared by extracting the basic elements of food — protein, carbohydrates and fats — and recombining them.

The meat is made from 63 percent proteins, 25 percent carbohydrates, 3 percent lipids and 9 percent minerals, according to Digital Trends. Soy protein is added to the mix to increase the flavor, and food coloring is used to make the product appear red.

The researchers came up with the idea after Tokyo Sewage asked them to figure out a use for the abundance of sewage in mud, Digital Trends says.

Powell is not familiar with the researchers' method, but said he guesses that they are first heat-treating the sewage before they reap its resources.

Powell said the idea is not all that different from eating plants that have been fertilized with manure or other excrement, because the nutrients in the poop become part of the plants.

"Theoretically, there's nothing wrong with this," Powell said. "It could be quite safe to eat, but I'm sure there's a yuck factor there," he said.

However, Powell said there is the potential for cross contamination in the laboratory where the poop meat is made. That's why it's a good thing the meat will eventually be cooked.

But what if the final product was not going to be cooked?

"I wouldn’t touch it, " Powell said.

Pass it on: Meat made from poop is safe, but you should cook it before you eat it.

This story was provided by MyHealthNewsDaily. Follow MyHealthNewsDaily staff writer Rachael Rettner on Twitter @RachaelRettner.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Processed People -- Promo #2 by Jeff Nelson

Processed People -- Promo #2 from Jeff Nelson on Vimeo.

I started a Christian Raw Food Potluck

I finally did it. I started a Raw food potluck that meets every other week. At my potluck, I gave some information about raw food, enzymes and GMO's. I showed everyone how easy it is to make homemade almond milk & green smoothies. I have met some amazing & wonderful people at my potlucks. I am so excited that there are others in my community who are wanting to add more raw fruits & veggies into their diets. The people that come to my potlucks inspire me to learn more. These potlucks are what help me stay raw, & they inspire me & help me meet others in my community. I am so thankful to all the people who show up. Since the next 2 potlucks fall on holidays (Father's day & 4th of July weekend) I am hoping that there will still be some interest. (I'll be making Raw Cacao mousse YUM!). If you live in a community where there are not local groups or raw restaurant menus then I encourage you to try to start a raw food potluck of your own. There are so many people that could benefit & who would enjoy meeting each other.Good Luck & if you are ever in the Vancouver Wa area then come to my potlucks:-)